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UPDATED : February 16 2017



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Jatual is a Parisian brand created by two ukrainian designers. While moving to France, designers decided to express their love for leather and precious material in a brand new way. First they push the boundaries of technical requirements by opening a studio in Paris, working with skillful and talented French tailors, and controlling each step of the design to reach the highest level of quality. Secondly the idea is to offer an accessible luxury collection for women who love fashion : they have a creative personality, appreciate high level of workmanship and still can afford to own the pieces.
It is that mix of an elite design process, a painstaking attention to details and a high concern for keeping an affordable price that is bringing a fresh approach to Jatual collections.

Style is not aggressive but defines a modern femininity. Inspired by arts and the strength of natural phenomena, Jatual plays with colors, either in soft shades or as strong accents as in a color therapy. Preciousness is balanced with comfort.

Active in life, the Jatual woman is complex and in love with style. She likes the perfection of cut, she recognizes quality, and from times to times she wants bright things to attract attention. To extravaganza though she would prefer elegance, to image pieces she goes for wearable outfits adapted to her regular lifestyle. Jatual’s philosophy includes the “day to night” attitude as items can be used for both, depending on the way they are mixed together.

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