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Jeanpaulknott Sprl
524 avenue Louise 21
1050 Brussels, BelgiumP : +32 2 514 18 35
Women’s RTW, Men’s RTW
Last Updated
March 12 2021
Jean-Paul Knott believes that the ready-to-wear market, the middle market, has disappeared and that mass marketers have taken over. Further, industrialization has standardized clo- thing to such point that all clothes lookalike.

Therefore there is a sector of the market that appeals to both men and women who are searching for and willing to pay for quality, originality, exqui- site cuts, simplicity, beautiful materials, attention to details.

Jean-Paul Knott differentiates his clothes by breaking the mould and rather than following the tradition of seasonal clo- thing he decided to build a wardrobe with essentials including a shirt, a sweater, a pair of pants, a jacket, an overcoat and a little black dress. The JEAN PAUL KNOTT wardrobe is intended to last through every phase of one’s life. The gradual seasonal evolution and purity of the cuts will live longer than the classical ready-to-wear available today.

His women’s line combines the classical style of the jacket and the fluidity of the silk draped dress. The choice of materials makes them unique.

Designer Jean Paul Knott
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P : +32 2 514 18 35
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