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Fortunagasse 15
8001 Zurich, SwitzerlandP : +41 44 200 04 11
Men’s/Women’s RTW, Women’s RTW, Men’s RTW
Men’s/Women’s Accessories : Bags, Scarves, Caps
Men’s Accessories : Bags, Scarves, Caps
Women’s Accessories : Bags, Scarves, Caps
Last Updated
January 24 2023


JETSET was founded in 1969 in the Swiss Alpine resort of St. Moritz. From its very inception, JETSET has prided itself on the creation of luxury skiwear, continually setting new standards within this segment.
JETSET became widely known for its luxury, high-performance apparel coupled with a passion for provocative and progressive designs. These core principles define the JETSET spirit - a feeling of style consciousness for all seasons, transitioning effortlessly from the ski resort to the street. Having long been the brand of choice for those wanting to stand out both on and off the slope, JETSET continues to inspire new generations of forward-thinkers to this day.
JETSET has always stood for authenticity in the development of luxury fashion, working to the highest of standards and technical demands. The ability to combine high-end functionality and contemporary fashion has been advanced with a unique and direct contact to the market. This has been the key to JETSET’s ongoing success in producing luxury sportswear for conscientious consumers. At home throughout the world. Yet inspired by its heritage, the brand is as globally relevant as it is distinctive. Driven by the desire to push its own highest of standards, JETSET is and always will be open-minded, independent, adventurous and confident in setting new trends. JETSET’s expertise in working with extraordinary and technically advanced materials is matched by their innovative approach to prints, embroidery and colors. Craftsmanship and originality are hallmarks of the brand, appealing to their self-aware audience as much as the trademark tighter fits and subtle sexiness of JETSET sportswear. JETSET has long established itself as the forerunner of the luxury sportswear segment for both women and men, and it should surprise no one that they pioneered the evolution from sports to streetwear. JETSET became synonymous with iconic streetwear trends throughout the 90s and this ability to blend high performance sportswear with contemporary fashion endures to this day. Be it Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter, a JETSET collection never fails to turn heads and the brand enjoys long-standing relationships with leading international retailers, as well as online marketplaces.


Proud of and inspired by their roots in the Swiss Alps, JETSET is driven by the desire to be there at the birth of new trends. JETSET leads the luxury sportswear segment, reimagining and redefining contemporary style with a unique appreciation of heritage and zeitgeist. Honest and direct in their communication, JETSET will always cherish a close relationship with both their partners and their audience of active, confident and conscientious consumers.
Designer Designers Team
Ceo Thomas Jaeger P : +49 (0)160 23 67 968
Showrooms Function Contacts

Sales Department Sales Director Crispin Spindler P : +49 (0)151 28 86 27 30

Marketing Sales Manager Crispin Spindler P : +49 (0)151 28 86 27 30

Sales Department International Wholesale Manager Benjamin Schuler P : +49 (0)151 61 49 91 67
Press contacts   Contacts
Press contact Ceo Thomas Jaeger P : +49 (0)160 23 67 968
Press contact Pr Malte Evers P : +49 (0)173 24 19 388
Presentations Dates and locations Collections  
Fashion Shows Dates and locations Milan Men's Fall Winter 23-24 Monday January 16 2023 from 10.00am to 8.00pm Jetset via Tortona 31 Milan Collections
– Presentation Men's/Women's Collection
Fashion Shows Dates and locations Milan Men's Fall Winter 23-24 Friday January 13 2023 Jetset via Tortona 31 Milan Collections
Until Jan. 20 – Presentation by appointment
Sales campaign FW23/24
from Friday January 13 2023
to Monday February 27 2023

Agentur Kappler
Lodenfrey Park Haus G, Eingang 19, EG Osterwalderstrasse 10
80805 Munich
Jan. 23 - 27, 2023

Men's Fashion Week
Jan. 13 - 20, 2023
Women's Fashion Week
Feb. 22 - 27, 2023

Opificio 31-Officina 3-Interno 17
via Tortona 31, Spazio I
20144 Milano

+ Digital
Nov. 28 - Feb. 27, 2023
By pre-booked appointment only
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Crispin Spindler
P : +49 (0)151 28 86 27 30
Benjamin Schuler
Mobile: +49 151 614 99 167
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Dates and locations Collections Sales Contacts
Dates and locations Milan Fall Winter 23-24
Monday January 16 2023
Collections Jet Set Jet Set Showroom via Tortona 31 20144_n Milan , Italy
Press Day FW 23-24. By appointment only

Sales contacts Malte Evers M: +49 (0)173 24 19 388
A/W 23/24 Ski Wear
A/W 23/24 City Wear
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A/W 22/23
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