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Katrine K.

Aristocracy nowadays is a rare attribute, which almost finds itself on the verge of extinction. Inner aristocracy and class is pure gold. Based in Monaco, Katrine K.
reassessed the Principality's time-honoured luxury and traditions to grant its audience with access to the exceptional insights of this veiled world.

Katrine K. is a brand of eloquent and unique collectable pieces that women take joy in wearing and feel irresistible in, but above all - will proudly wish to pass from one generation to another as heirlooms, which connect women and reinforce their dignity.

All garments are made from luxurious fibres and feature handmade décor, meticulously produced by finest artisans and embroiderers, making women feel unforgettable and significant. Sophisticated silhouettes, unparalleled style and inimitable fluidity of designs gracefully accentuate the possessor's nobility.

Enduring sensation of original artisanal work by Katrine K. goes beyond trends, determining genuine value of modern female clothes and portraying true class worthy of twenty-first-century aristocracy. A visionary design team, sharing a new connotation of chic, has gathered to form the mastermind behind the brand’s creations. Elaborately preserved techniques and innovative talent give life to showpieces, which are inspired by the most striking of past époques, while conveying their vibrant manifesto to the world. While distinctly elegant, each garment champions avant-garde variations on the ideas of line, surface, volume and geometry.

Enriching women's lives with a feeling of inner power and the joy of celebrating beauty is the fundamental goal and noble dream of Katrine K.
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