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Company profile
Kuboraum are masks designed on the face of those who wear them, masks that highlight personality and emphasize character. The mask is synonymous with mockery, with game. The kuboraum masks are synonymous with accentuation, protection and shelter. Kuboraum are like cubic rooms where we shelter ourselves, where we are free to live in our intimacy, where we live all our identities and look at the world through two lenses.

The brand was founded in berlin in the rooms of a former post office on the border between east and west Berlin. The space that was originally converted into a gallery, became the incubator for the creation of new projects. after various metamorphoses, today this place includes the studio, showroom and the Kuboraum flagship store. From design to brand identity, from image to communication, from photo to video productions, from installations to interior design projects – all contents and all the magic here is developed under the direction of artist, sculptor, designer Livio Graziottin and anthropologist, brand-, communication- and marketing director Sergio Eusebi.

All masks are entirely dreamed in berlin and handmade in Italy.

Kuboraum eyewear is not an inanimate and inorganic object, but obtains the power of a mask. It changes the perception of self. Those who wear the Kuboraum mask, come to life and accept the challenge to free their identities. these masks represent cubic rooms, a new dimension where we can feel at ease, comfortable with ourselves and the world around us. Kuboraum is no logo. It is a mask with it’s own look and power, highlighting the personality and features of the person wearing it.

monumental, concrete and organic architecture, endless space, bodyscapes, liquid identities, amazement, yugen, ecology of minds, power of masks, satori, infinite languages, shamanic method.

The project started in february 2012 with the Italian artisanal tradition implemented in a Berlin based creative environment. Hence, dreamed in berlin and handmade in Italy. Today Kuboraum is working with highly selected stores in 45 countries. Oprah Winfrey, David Lynch, Benicio Del Toro, artists as Ai Weiwei, Olafur Eliasson, Marina Abramovic, Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto), NBA legend Lebron James, musician Tomayasu Hotei, photographer Nan Goldin, can be mentioned between the Kuboraum users. In October 2017 Livio Graziottin & Sergio Eusebi could homage his holiness The 14th Dalai Lama with one of their mask.

Kuboraum has a project to support independent music and artists, www.soundcloud.com/kuboraum , collaborating with various music artists to produce a sound which represents the brand’s identity.

The event series held during Berlin Atonal Festival since 2015 (www.berlin-atonal.com), in the dense and unique atmosphere of the KUBORAUM studio, headquarters and Wunderkammer just steps away from Berlin’s Kraftwerk, became a classic appointment for all the electronic and experimental music lover.

Between the artists who collaborated with Kuboraum are Dasha Rush from the label Raster Noton, Regis boss of the legendary label Downwards, Lucy of the label Stroboscopic Artefact, Oake, Rhys Chatham, Reka, Grebenstein, Antonym, Autumns.

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Livio Graziottin

Co-founder, Artist, Sculptor, Designer

Sergio Eusebi

Co-founder, Brand & Marketing Director


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