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April 01 2021
The “Made in Italy” and Swiss Italian brand Minavara was born from the intuition of a visionary and wilful entrepreneur. The label has an innovative mission: to affirm a new vestibility free aesthetic statement and an innovative and contemporary vision of style.

Minavara outlines a comfortable wardrobe, perfectly crossing between daywear and elegant, entirely made in Italy with fabrics and yarns that represent the Italian tradition.
Design and functionality come together with wisdom offering essential and feminine garments, each of which is expression of the highest Italian craftsmanship and excellence. The processing are all handmade, giving the clothes a sense of precious uniqueness, with an attention to the environment together by using eco materials such as recycled cotton.

The overall aesthetic of the garments is inspired by fluid, geometrical and asymmetric forms, whit a functional design, where the classic tailoring is reinterpreted through a modern and deconstructed language.
Designer Sergei Grinko
Amministratore Delegato Antonio Grasso
Showrooms Function Contacts
Showroom Minavara
Via San Gregorio, 53
20124 Milan, Italy
Sales Department Commercial Director Marcello Guerriero P : +39 02 91 66 33 18
Crystall GA SRL
Via San Gregorio 53
20124 Milan, Italy
Marketing Marketing - Communication Manager Marketing Department P : +39 02 91 66 33 18
Multi-label Showrooms Sales territories Contacts
Showrooms Livia Gregoretti Showroom
via Carlo de Angeli, 3
20141 Milan, Italy
Worldwide Excl. Russia P : +39 02 83 24 18 61
Showrooms Sollery Fashion
Polkovaya Ulitsa, 3
Moscow, Russia
Russia P : +8 800 511 51 95
Press Offices   Contacts
Press Office Barbieri & Ridet corso di Porta Romana 98
20122 Milan, Italy
P : + 39 02 58 32 82 32
FW 21/22
Multilabel Store
Avenue Montaigne
Almaty, Kazakhstan

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