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UPDATED : November 26 2019
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If we were to define NIUKU in few words it would be conscious clothing, which expresses a paradoxical meaning yet very coherent.
Originally created by Kadiata Diallo, NIUKU is a unisex brand inspired by her tomboyish wardrobe. There was no genre and each pieces were unique and marked its presence by a classic and minimalist cut.The omnipresence of the color orange as a guiding thread through the collections means in India peace and enlightenment and yet in the United States, it represents oppression. A double meaning which represents the name NIUKU.It’s at the end of 2018 that Kadiata Diallo decide to reflect on the future of NIUKU after she became aware that the previous team was turning away from the true vision of the brand, she decides that a complete return to the origins shall be the only initiatory road.
The name NIUKU came from the expression "Niuku Djawal" which means in Fulani "very reserved hospitality". Behind this name lies essentially the story of the paternal grandmother of the designer, one of the first fulani working woman that found her place in a society led solely by men in the fifties / sixties. She became an emblematic figure for Kadiata who inherited the name and a common passion for the world of textiles and printed fabrics.This legacy is now more anchored thanks to the new positioning of the brand in connection with its return to the origins by its creation of unique printed fabrics that represent the new NIUKU.
The brand goal is to create and produce from Africa by using French “savoir-faire” that the designer learned for 9 years in Paris and blend it with her vision of futuristic African Touch into unisex and atemporal pieces that will combine luxury, modernity and ethnicity

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