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Pomandère is a pleasure to wear every time, like a delicate fragrance on the skin. Timeless,yet never the same, changing in accordance with the season and the skin: softwithout being showy, unfussy without being banal. A total look that’s never overbearing, gradually shaped item by item, accessory by accessory around different characters, different ways to be womanly.
With the accent on independence and individuality. Letting inspiration run free: looks belong to the women who wear them every day. Pomandère is never over the top, offering discreetly sophisticated, unmistakably understated looks that flow beautifully.At the heart of the looks is a new take on men’s shirts, complemented and enhanced by outerwear and details such as belts and necklaces. Colours blend smoothly and subtly, with soft shades and lines bringing a feminine touch toslightly androgynous shapes and volumes. Details and washes shape a romantic,nostalgic style with a contemporary twist, for a delightfully comfortable look.Exclusive, natural fabrics are painstakingly styled into distinctive,eye-catching models with a wealth of exquisite detail. Beautiful, feather-light items crafted with care, just like the little linen bags filled with driedflowers and citrus peel traditionally used to naturally scent wardrobes: the pomandères.
Designer Carlo Zanuso
Producer Zanuso Srl via Ticino 16
36016 Thiene (VI), Italy
P : +39 0445 36 06 06
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Via Tortona, 14
20144 Milan, Italy
Sales Department Sales Contact Sales Department P : +39 02 36 50 57 92
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Showrooms Showroom Filippini
rue Etienne Marcel 35
75002 Paris, France
France Sales Dept. P : +33 (0)1 40 41 06 10
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Press Office Univers Presse Conseil 36 rue Étienne Marcel
75002 Paris, France
Sabrina Cellerier
Press Office T–Teresa La Fosca Public Relations & Press Office
corso Italia 47
20122 Milan, Italy
Teresa La Fosca
P : +39 349 66 79 909
Press Office Kad Publicity
329 n. Wetherly drive. suite 203
ca 90211 Beverly Hills, United States
Kathy Lavalle
P : +1 310 234 8888
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Dates and locations Milan Spring Summer 23
Wed. October 26 2022
Collections Pomandère Showroom Pomandère via Tortona 14 Milan , Italy
T–Teresa La Fosca Public Relations & Press Office
Sales contacts Teresa La Fosca M: +39 349 66 79 909 P : +39 02 36 72 36 07
Fall Winter 19-20
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