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Strada di Compresso 2 , Colle Umberto I°, Perugia
06133 Perugia, Italy
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Rocco Ragni - Designer And Ceo


Company profile
Rocco Ragni was born in Perugia in 1976 from a family of tailor craftsmen and resides in the magical calm of Compresso, a small village of 1500 residents.
It was there, at the foot of Mount Tezio, that during the 70s his grandmother Genesia and mother Gabriella opened their own tailor shop.
The small Ragni workshop, which quickly became recognized as an artisan excellence, has become a reference point for knitwear and ne cashmere for leading companies in the sector. From a young age, Rocco, inspired by the beauty of the area and artisanal tradition of the family, soon developed a sensitivity for fashion and interest in traditional spinning techniques.
During years spent between Perugia and Compresso, Rocco began passionately studying his craft – with dreams of developing the workshop into a symbol of Italian sartorial excellence.
And so, in 2004, the family’s ten-year local activity became «Rocco Ragni Cashmere»: the natural continuation of the story which had begun forty years earlier, and where today the Umbrian masters work to obtain a truly original and authentic product.

Rocco Ragni brand is a long term member of the traceability system called Traceability & Fashion, promoted by Unioncamere and the Italian Chambers of Commerce.
The system is managed by Union liere to re-qualify and enhance the products of Gold and Fashion supply chains, main protagonists of the Made in Italy. This project was in fact created with the aim of guaranteeing the origin and processing of the cashmere clothing produced in Umbria.
The system ensures that only after the ITF (Italian Textile Fashion) inspections, aimed at verifying the origin of materials and their processing, a special label can be applied on garments.
This label has a microchip containing all production steps (yarning, weaving, mending, treatments, etc.) with relative dates and workplaces for each cashmere garment.In this way clients can verify all the phases of the supply chain of the purchased garment by simply typing on the bar code on the label or by photographing the QR code using a smartphone. Once this data have been inserted, the screen will show the company’s website with all the information related to the garment’s history.
Every Rocco Ragni garment is a mixture of Perugian artisan craftsmanship and the passionate creativity of our times. For every Rocco Ragni product, «know-how» of the past meets the ideal cultural climate characteristic of the era in which we live.
From the care of the choice of the raw material to the creative design stage to the production, each phase is faced with rigor and emotion, with the aim of o ering people unique items, faithful to artisan philosophy but still intensely expressing the contemporary.
Reducing environmental impact and making accesible cashmere of artisan quality: these are the reasons for which «Eco Chic» was born.
The collection has been created with regenerated cashmere, gained from excess production yarn.
A choice which, for Rocco Ragni, means an ethical comittment to be strengthened and amplified in the near future to make a small contribution to the world in which we live.
For Rocco Ragni, yarns represent a real passion. For his collections he uses only Italian cashmere yarns of the highest quality. e long-term established collaboration with Cariaggi Yarns grants all items a combination of softness, lightness and durability. Very thin and very light cashmere yarns are also expertly blended with silk or merino yarns in order to create new and very original textures.
The highly crafted production and the use of Vicugna nest yarn allows the creation of customized garments that are also certi ed and numbered. And it is in order to strengthen and promote the Italian fashion sector that also Rocco’s company has joined the ITF (Italian Textile Fashion) project, which provides a system to trace the origin of the single production steps. The result of this trip along the whole supply chain of the fashion industry is a label put on garments able to give complete information about their production. This is therefore a choice of ethics and transparency to protect the professionalism and quality of Italian producers, and mostly a guarantee for the consumer.

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Rocco Ragni
Showroom Rocco Ragni
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Rocco Ragni

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Rocco Ragni srl
Strada di Compresso 2 , Colle Umberto I°, Perugia
06133 Perugia, Italy

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Andrea Cappelletti
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Showroom Rocco Ragni
Via Sant’Andrea 2
20121 Milan, Italy

Sales Department
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Elena Maria
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