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UPDATED : September 16 2016


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ROSBALET creates striking designs inspired by contemporary architecture and sculpture, using bold and unexpected materials to take the French tradition of craftsmanship and place it in the vanguard of the 21st century. The brand, which will be launched during the Paris Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2017 season, in the magnificent historical salons of the Russian Ambassador's residence.It is deeply rooted in the art of shoemaking. Our atelier, located in the ancient region of Romans in the French Alps, is renowned for its superb craftsmanship. Each pair of shoes from our atelier is hand-made by some of the country's most skilled and gifted craftsmen, who oversee every step of the creative process. All of our shoes are produced in limited quantities to ensure the highest quality in design, elaboration and finish. ROBBALET's designs are the inspiration of founder and creative director Sergey Kozyrev, a Muscovite who blends his passion for modern architecture and science fiction with a deep knowledge of, and respect for, the finest traditions of French shoe-making. The result is a striking fusion of bold motifs brought harmoniously together by the touch of femininity that lies at the heart of ROSBALET. The brand's vibrant, cosmopolitan creations are made for the modern woman whose independent spirit empowers her to reach beyond her cultural upbringing. ROSBALET's collection is available through our online boutique and in selected stores soon. Please visit us at www. ROSBALET .com Follow us on Istagram : ROSBALET

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