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Men’s RTW
UPDATED : June 06 2015


*1951* Birth of Masatomo YAMAJI in Takamatsu (Kagawa prefecture,Japan) Graduation from Tama Art University (graphic art design department). Become a chief designer of INTERMEZZO for D’URBAN Awarded «Best department store sellers» 5 years in a row.
*1985* Foundation of MA-JI CREATION. *1986* Start of MA-JI MASATOMO, later the brand name changes to MASATOMO and start of the buisiness on the European and American markets.*1992* Foundation of MASATOMO INC.First fashion show in Paris during the Men’s Collection (continue up to the present without interrupting).*1996* Opening of MASATOMO’s Paris boutique in Place des Vosges.*2002* Changing of his name to Rynshu HASHIMOTO in celebration of his 10th years’s fashion show in Paris to possessing the desire to go beyond himself. The designer name becomes RYNSHU for MASATOMO, for the licence brand, the designer name remains Masatomo.*2003* Moving of MASATOMO’s Tokyo boutique on Nezu Museum Street, in Aoyamas.*2008* Launching of licence brand « M A J I / STYLED BY MA-JI MASATOMO » in Taiwan.Fondation of MASATOMO DREAM CORPORATION (film production company).*2009* Charged of the film costume design for YAMAGATA SCREAM, BACTERIA ISLAND and SNOWPRINCE. *2010* Changing of the brand name MASATOMO to RYNSHU for the Fall-Winter 2010-2011 collection in Paris.



Company profile
MASATOMO.INC aims to continually propose new ideas, new products, and whose style hasn’t previously existed. MASATOMO, the fashion designer, realises his own dream for his evolution, striving to keep ahead of the times. He has launched out into film production with his new company, MASATOMO DREAM CORPORATION. Through being in charge of production, scenario, costume design and the planning for the film, the designer expresses the life style and gives emotion and pleasure to our lives.The bipolarisation of fashion has become more and more necessary. On the one hand, MASATOMO offers a practical and sophisticated wardrobe, not only directed, but created and designed by himself, and with a reasonable price tag. His branding activity, making licensed contracts and collaboration with the other companies, led him to do this. On the other hand, MASATOMO continues with the fashion shows in Paris for his own brand, RYNSHU, that displays his own unconventional style.
This is for himself and his clients, who appreciate the brand’s value even if it’s more expensive, and who can only be satisfied with rarity and the achievement of high quality. “BY MASATOMO” to give convenience and pleasure to our lives and “BY RYNSHU” for the film industry and for rarity, the designer continues to deal with these two challenging markets. This is the MASATOMO INC. way. MA-JI ==> MASATOMO ==> RYNSHUThe designer stays active all his life and aspires to go beyond himself.

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