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UPDATED : October 21 2016


The soul of a brand
Economic studies and a clear vocation for accessory design take Fabio Sfienti, current Deputy Manager of Stokton to take up the company reins, aged just 30 years old, conciliating his business skills with a great flair for fashion.

He is the one responsible for the review in a modern key of the classic men's and women's moccasin, always the core business of STOKTON, and the extension of the STOKTON range for the female public with the creation of the "SWEETBALLERINA" trademark: a collection of ballerina, hand-made employing specific techniques referred to as "slip-lasting", which has brought them worldwide fame.
But that is not all! A passionate sportsman, Fabio laid the basis for a fashion concept focused on the outdoors and with a clear sense of practicality: 2011 is the time to think of a street fashion with a young target opting for urban contexts. A line of sneakers has thus been created that completely overhauls tradi- tion, without, however, denying the manual skills, design and quality, the cornerstones of "STOKTON philos- ophy".

Fabio Sfienti, the soul of STOKTON has successfully opened up the route to a new type of business in which the cultural heritage and know-how will continue to live on, as they belong to the history of his territory, his family and his life.

"The idea, the innovation and the culture of tradition cannot globalize; they belong to the culture and the tradition of the places where they are seen to be born”

Fabio Sfienti


Company profile
A family historyIt all began back in 1978, in the company's headquarters of Pieve a Nievole (PT) where the commercial department and lively design laboratory are based and where the entire production cycle takes place, carefully controlled by expert staff in all stages of product development.Over the years, as the brand gained standing, production also extended to include women's moccasin collections and, although retaining the essential basis of construction of the men's models, offered entirely new, innovative lines thereby entering the production area referred to as "boat shoes".
In 2010, the company extended its range of footwear for women with "SWEETBALLERINA", a line of ballet pumps with a unique and exclusive technique called “a sacchetto” that made them worldwide fame for comfort and a perfect fit, despite the considerably low-cut design.Today STOKTON launches a sport-chic sneaker collection for him and for her, with a strong fashion value, laid out in a wealth of models with very strong personalities. A new way of seeing sneakers, rigorously "Made in Italy" and designed not to go unnoticed, but ready to make a mark on the varied world of Fit and Style.Identity and background traced in the past, therefore, but constantly updated and reviewed in a contemporary key, thanks to cutting-edge style research according to the leit motiv of the "family": innovating in tradition.STOKTON is a business that enjoys constant, unstoppable growth. On the strength of the results achieved in Italy, the company is now focusing strongly on export markets: brand extension and export development are the guidelines characterising the forthcoming months of activity in 2014.Participations in industry trade fairs in Italy and abroad are already on the calendar (White, TheMicam, GDS, Pitti) and, thanks to a strategic communication campaign with both traditional advertising campaigns in the most important fashion magazines and the use of new web means such as blogs and social networks, the company is pushing back its boundariesas an increasing number of consumers get to know and choose STOKTON products.

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