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Studio16 D, Space, 129-131 Mare Street
E8 3RH London, United KingdomP : +44 (0)7 414934149

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May 15 2022
To quench the thirst for an unconstrained identity.'
SWEETLIMEJUICE is a demi-fine fashion jewellery brand founded in 2019, the powerhouse of ideas and experimental craftwork based in London. All of SWEETLIMEJUICE’s pieces are handcrafted by artisans across the capital.

Each stage of the process is analytical and meticulous, from the use of sustainable sterling silver, through to the sourcing of ethical gemstones. As a brand, the focus is placed on the need for innovation and re-interpretation of traditional handcrafting techniques, the result of which is inimitable, gender-fluid and thought-provoking contemporary luxury. An echo of questions asked during design can be found in the pieces. This charter is epitomised through the signature ‘stone swaddling’ technique, bolstered with a treasured personal bonding between maker, wearer and object.​

Designer Simpson Ma chose to foster his burgeoning inquisitive nature by undertaking studies in fashion jewellery at the London College of Fashion, during which he won the Swarovski Innovator Competition 2017, the submission for which was the first iteration of the ‘stone swaddling’ method.
Designer Simpson Ma & Jovy Hon
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