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THE LAST CONSPIRACYThe artisans creed: to go where others have not ventured before.Creation must begin with respect for ancient traditions. Shoe-making is a proudcraft and not one to take lightly. After years of diligent research and a deepprocess of trial and error, The Last Conspiracy was founded. A polite,understated, black and white universe, rich in rugged craftsmanship.

The studio’s calling card, has been and always will be, to constructdurable, functional footwear with integrity and sincere artistry. The designprocess is conducted entirely in-house, on the premise of seasonal collections,mimicking the Nordic skies, as they morph from light to dark and back again.Understatement, passion and reliability, are the hallmarks of each pair that ismade.

Ever since our inception, leather has been central to our design.From lightweight sneaker alterations, to crisp camel leather, to rugged culattahorse hides and tactile textured suede, its usage is marvelously versatile. Theatelier sources their own leather from knowledgeable vendors that share ourpassion for honest design. In this process, the artisans in our atelier assurenothing goes to waste. Each individual hide, is hand cut, naturally dyed,paired and always treated with the utmost care.

The Last Conspiracy has become a true laboratory. Our foundation iswritten by the traditional techniques we have learned, respected and still usetoday. From Norvege stitching to Blake or Goodyear welts, each requires acarefully maintained process. As we only work with our hands and thus havecontrol over what we put out; we like to explore novel techniques. The Portoatelier setting, allows us to experiment freely with new assembly settings,dyes, colour combinations, sole constructions and new lasts. It is our way ofsaluting the past and welcoming the future. Innovation has become a part of us.

Over the years, arising from an avant-garde darker setting, we haveadded new collaborations and inventive concepts, constantly embracing that nextfrontier. Comfort is key, and we like to set new standards for it. Our work isnever done and we shall never sit still. Movement is key to the shoe-makerscreed. Movement and an aspiration to do things differently. Through ourfocussed Nordic mindset, infused with Portuguese tradition and our true lovefor this craft.

We proudly sign this.....our last conspiracy.

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Zakkerey Anders Alexandar Larsen
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Fabrizio Dallari
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Matteo Raugei
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Fabrizio Dallari
P : +45 26205325

Grain Aps
Adelgade 17, ground floor
DK-1304 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Zakkerey Anders Alexandar Larsen
P : +45 30 49 49 69

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