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Wolfgang Joop was born in Potsdam, Germany, 18th November 1944. Studied advertising psychology at the University of Braunschweig. He was later invited to become an honorary professor of fashion design at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. He began his fashion career working with his former wife Karin when in 1968 they were awarded all three first prizes in a design competition. Professionally he had been working as both a fashion illustrator and journalist and as a freelance designer for fashion houses in Italy, France and Germany. Wolfgang Joop achieved international success in 1978, when he showed his first fur collection, which the New York Times, among other publications, honored him as the "Prussian Designer." The first collection to carry his name was a fur collection presented in 1979.
The label and company JOOP! were created in 1981 and was recognised for its provocative collections as well as for its internationally award-winning fragrances. In early 1982 Joop showed his first prêt-à-porter women's collection, followed by his first men's collection in 1985.Two years later, with the launch of his first perfume collection, he made his name a trademark, with capital letters to symbolize energy along with an exclamation mark. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses and perfume were immediately available under this brand. The "JOOP!" label became available for licensing, and Joop's company no longer produced any of its own goods for sale. Since 1997, Joop's products have been sold through JOOP! GmbH with the exception of Parfum JOOP!, which was sold to Coty/Lancaster in 1991 followed by licensee contracts. In 1998 Wolfgang Joop sold 95% of his stake in the JOOP! GmbH to Wünsche AG and sold the remaining 5% in July 2001. This ended his involvement with JOOP! In 2003 Wolfgang Joop founded WUNDERKIND. Wolfgang Joop first presented WUNDERKIND with the Fall/Winter collection 2004 in Berlin to an audience of distinguished press and retail guests. WUNDERKIND had its international debut in September 2004 when WUNDERKIND was invited by the CFDA to premier the collection at New York Fashion week before repositioning the label and moving to show in Paris in 2006. He is one of Germany's most recognized home grown designers, and one with a unique signature style in all that he does. Essentially, Wolfgang Joop’s fashion is about suspense and surprise and fantasy, not about rules. Flirting with incongruity, he mixes traditional clothing with new fashion.

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An idea of fashion really close to art, that doesn’t follow convention because innately related to the esprit du temps. Founded in 2003 by Wolfgang Joop, already well-known as an illustrator, painter and designer of his own name brand, WUNDERKIND reinterprets the elegance of the Prussian past and the atmosphere of a sophisticated Berlin into a near future. Joop breaks with convention and elaborates contrasts in order to design an original contemporary.

Excellent craftsmanship declined with an avant-garde freedom, these are the coordinates of the modern Berlin fashion house, totally independent, whose direct control over every stage of the production allows an ultra-experimental process, but with a couture approach. Signs of identification are the research on prints, the techno-reinterpretations of the animalier, incursions of the plots Weave Pattern in fabric or leather, tweed and tartan mixtures, couture lace, washed fabrics purposely deconstructed.

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