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Yeung Chin

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Yeung Chin
35 Aberdeen St. Central S204 PMQ
1000 Hong Kong, China P : + (852) 25487122
Women’s RTW, W’s Acc.
Last Updated
September 18 2023
"To build up new aesthetic, old aesthetic must first be broke. The most direct method is by trial and error. I use different concepts of art to impact the old aesthetic standard in the fashion industry.
In these impacts I found new ways to perform fashion, for example, c hanging and limiting dance moves by clothes. This is to challenge the accepted aesthetic dancing, and at the same time, challenge the accepted aesthetic on the catwalk bridge. Another example would be using “Fat is Fashion” as a topic, by designing an installation art in a gallery, I challenged the traditional aesthetic by making visitors wear an inflatable cloths. In the future I will continue to explore different means to present my view of fashion. Film and sculpture would be my future directions." By Yeung Chin
Designer Yeung Chin

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