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Autrement PR
9 Passage Saint Bernard 75011 Paris, FranceP : + 33 (0)6 77 12 89 45
Last Updated
June 13 2022
Since its foundation in 2017, Autrement PR collaborated with many fashion labels, magazines, talents and institutions. The agency's thrive is owed to an eclectic network acquired by its founder throughout more than 20 years of experience in fashion public relations.

Autrement PR finds its purpose in thinking out of the box.
Within a very competitive industry; institutional press features and traditional communication strategies are not sufficient anymore. Working in the manner of a curator, the platform embraces a holistic approach to gather creatives and design made-to-measure projects. That's the reason why the agency supports creative minds, always thinking autrement. "Autrement" being the french word for "Differently".

Autrement PR 's main references are Neith Nyer (Finalist from the Andam Prize 2018) , Afterhomework Paris(Finalist from the Andam Prize 2018) , Ernest W Baker (Finalist from the LVMH Prize 2018) , Léo(Finalist from the Belgian Fashion Awards 2018) , Westminster University, Kimhékim , Julia Heuer( Swiss Designer award 2018), Louis Gabriel Nouchi , Gamut , Moohong , Ninamounah, Worn , TetierBijoux , AWS (Swiss designer award 2019), Vitelli, Marrknull, Didu, Alphonse Maitrepierre, SimoneWild, Abdel El Tayeb, …

R.T.W. Women's
Abdel El Tayeb  FR
Cem Cinar  FR
Ichyio  FR
Laruicci   us
Marco Ribeiro  FR
Simone Wild  de
R.T.W. M's/W's
De Pino  FR
Motoguo  my
Neith Nyer  
Umbro  it
Vitelli   it
Women’s Accessories
My Daughter is Better than Yours   FR (Jewellery)
Tetier Bijoux  FR (Jewellery)