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Head Office : 1-3-12,Higashiyama, Meguro-Ku
153-0043 Tokyo, JapanP : +81 (0)3 57684175
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September 14 2018
Jumble presents the international fashion and lifestyle exhibition that is held in Tokyo twice a year.
For more than 10 years in the Tokyo fashion scene, the trade show, JUMBLE has played a major role amongst Japanese clothing brands, accessories, home goods, as well as works of art within the industry.What makes Jumble unique is its vow for “quality first.
" Our dedication is defined in its encouragement of local production and a long lifespan of goods through the careful selection of raw materials, perpetual design, and skilled craftsmanship.However, JUMBLE and its 200+ vendors have collectively taken an initiative to present their story behind every produced product; who, how, and where our goods are produced within Japan.
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Showrooms Creative Director Shinji Kitada
Showrooms Press Contact Tetsuya Iizuka P :

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