Si Sposaitalia Collezioni

SI SPOSAITALIA COLLEZIONI: AN EXCLUSIVE STAGE IN THE CENTRE OF MILAN.Thanks to the results achieved over the years, Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni is considered a point of reference for the Italian and international bridal and formalwear markets and an event not to be missed that presents the very best in the sector.Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni is in fact an exclusive stage for the most creative, high quality bridal and formalwear, allowing the buyer, thanks to the special focus, to have a vast, modern panorama on all the latest products of the sector.
The appointment with this special event for brides and grooms once again confirms its international leadership in the sector, with the participation of more than 130 exhibitors.
Function Contacts
Showrooms Commercial Office Elena Jemmallo P : +39 02 49 97 77 03
Showrooms Commercial Office Claudia Curreri P : +39 02 49 97 77 34
Showrooms Commercial Office Rita Pettazzoni P : +39 02 49 97 64 08
Showrooms Press Office Rosy Mazzanti P : +39 02 49 97 79 39
Showrooms Press Office Elena Brambilla P : +39 02 49 97 79 39
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