White Milano is the reference tradeshow for international womenswear in the heart of the Tortona Fashion District, under the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, and since its inception in 2002 it takes place during the Milan Fashion Week. White is an omnichannel platform dedicated to the fashion industry players, capable of heading towards the contemporary international market’s taste with the support of Maeci-Ministry for foreign affairs and international cooperation, of Ita-Italian trade agency, in partnership with Confartigianato Imprese. A leader in the digital landscape and in cosmopolitan networking, capable of constantly strengthening its authority in connecting research brands to contemporary fashion and business sceneries, White brings to the fashion capital around 800 clothing and accessories collections each year, on a total area of 20 thousand square metres.
Its forward-thinking vision, aiming at expanding and knocking down the barriers and fostering a better flowing communication between the market and the creative entities from across the globe, is shared by Expowhite, the format under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Culture. Unique of its kind, White presents itself as a container of innovative projects, capable of offering a curated selection of sustainable brands defined by an avant-garde stylistic code, established maisons, experimental designers and new-generation startups. A crossover of art, design, culture and technology, focused on the targeted exploration of new fashion languages and innovative installations conceived by White's founder Massimiliano Bizzi, with a visual layout up-to-date with cutting edge aesthetic canons.
Founder Massimiliano Bizzi
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White Milano Milan RTW & Acc. Man and Woman
White is the concept trade show that connects companies, buyers and showrooms during the Milan Women Fashion Week. The edition that took place in September 22, in the heart of Tortona Fashion District, has seen White expanding across 5 top locations: from the iconic Tortona 27 (Superstudio Più) and Tortona 54 (Ex Ansaldo), to Tortona 15 (Magna Pars Hotel), Tortona 31(Archiproducts), and Tortona 58 (Padiglione Visconti), hosting WSM White Sustainable Milan.
Wsm | White Milan RTW & Acc. Man and Woman
Wsm | White is a format with a double soul, namely b2b and b2c, designed to foster retail and the dialogue with the prosumers, the consumer-actors of the present day and of the future. A fashion reboot focussing on sustainability, open to the public and with a premium selection of brands on show, ranging from street culture to sportswear and fashion labels.

This interaction in terms of contents is opening up new scenarios in the trade-fair panorama, also thanks to a calendar rich in events, talk shows, workshops and engagement activities for the visitors, made even more appealing through the presentations of the collections showcased. The event is AAA-All Access Area, accessible for free to a selected audience (through online subscription) and insiders. The January 2019 edition has almost reached 15thousand presences, going to attest to its popularity and prominence.

At Wsm | White, the latest trends and fertile ground, its eco-friendly forward- looking vision generates unique opportunities for a direct dialogue among street, sports and fashion brands and their a cionados. Furthermore, the digital dimension plays a paramount role, with international in uencers who, from across the globe, take part in the event and directly interact with the show and with their followers, directing the attention on Milan and on the event. This is a show with a dynamic and contemporary language, which looks to the future, where culture, sustainability, entertainment, business opportunities and communication coexist, with no barriers between the business world and the “consum-actor”.
White Resort Milan RTW & Acc. Woman

An event created by the White team and dedicated to original collections for summer holidays and relaxation. A showcase of international brands which, selected according to White criteria, always focused on product quality, sustainability, balance between creativity and wearability and solid distribution, present clothing lines and accessories in an exhibition hub, specially designed by Massimiliano Bizzi and dedicated to a sophisticated and glamorous holiday mood. In addition to resortwear, in all its forms, collections dedicated to beachwear are also presented: original and refined creations, made with unusual materials and combinations of color, with new fits and new aesthetic canons.
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Dates and locations Milan from Sunday June 18 2023
to Tuesday June 20 2023
White Resort Ex Ansaldo/Base
via Tortona 54
20144 Milan
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Dates and locations Milan from Friday September 22 2023
to Monday September 25 2023
from 9.30am to 6.30pm
White Milano and WSM Tortona District
via Tortona 27-45
20144 Milan
Collections Last day until 17:00 Sales contacts
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