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CHINA, the artist Ai Weiwei has disapeared

April 05 2011

The artist and the blogger Ai Weiwei had been arrested by the police on April 3rd at the international airport of Beijing while he was taking a plane for Hong-Kong. Since then, he has disappeared and the police revealed no information concerning his arrest.
A new sign of the hardening of the Chinese regime towards any political contesting since the Arabic revolutions provoked, in China, demonstration for the democracy.

Ai Weiwei was born in 1957 in Beijing, he is a Chinese artist, activist, and philosopher, who is also active in architecture, curating, photography, film, and social and cultural criticism. Ai collaborated with Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron His works have been exhibited in the United States, in Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, China, Korea and Japan. One of its most famous recent works is the installation Sunflower Seeds exhibited at Tate Modern in London which is made of more than a hundred of million false sunflower seeds, symbolizing one of the classic representations of Mao Zedong.