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FRANCE, Paris - X Années: 10 years of fashion and accessories design at the French Institute of Fashion

April 19 2011

On the initiative of the IFM’s design school that celebrates its 10 year-anniversary, a big temporary retrospective exhibition offered, on April the 14th, 2011, a tour of the creations of international designers who graduated from IFM, all designed in collaboration with major French fashion houses and fashion industries.

Over 140 designers went through this unique tuition in France since the opening of IFM. More than 200 exclusive and unreleased pieces gave an overview of what has been achieved by the Design Postgraduate Program since 2000: clothes, shoes, eyewear, gloves and bags. These special creations sprung from the synergies between designers and fashion industries, toll manufacturers and subcontractors.


Among others, the IFM designers’ new creations that will be marketed in 2011 - glasses for Chantal Thomass, bags for Le Tanneur and shoes for Carel - were exclusively presented to the press, in presence of Chantal Thomass, Hervé Descottes (Le Tanneur) and Frédérique Picard (Carel).

The creations, which have been designed since the start of the course, were improved by fashion editor Benoit Béthume. The 20 accessorized silhouettes were displayed in giant archives boxes, created in close relation with the Galliera Museum and photographed by Philippe Jarrigeon.

At this event, the people concerned and historic partners were awarded medals designed by Natalia Brilli (IFM/Design 2003).

After the exhibition, a party was organized in collaboration with Standard Magazine.

Ten years of creativity at IFM clearly show that French fashion succeeds in renewing and surpassing itself. X Années- proves that France is more than ever capable of attracting young international talents in order to enrich their knowledge and learn from them in return.

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