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CHINA - Hong Kong: The pop-up experience for Marni Edition

April 28 2011

Experiencing different collaborations as well as supporting the work of young artists is the choice of Marni Edition, which opens a Pop-up 65 square meter-store in Hong Kong.

In accordance with current environmental issues related to sustainable development, the Marni store chose an ethic design : a simple and recognizable concept with reusable and convertible materials. This flexible furniture gives the one who enters free rein to any presentation.

Gutters, metal bars, micro-perforated metal, fiberglass ; modules and furniture of the pop-ups are simply attached to each other and can be freely disassembled and assembled. By this design, Marni offers a flexible space, providing an eclectic mix in terms of upcoming presentations.

For this opening, Marmi Edition chose the artistic duo PASTIS, founded in 2006 by brothers Marco and Saverio Lanza.

Informations :
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