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LATVIA : First SULTAN show at the Riga Fashion Week

April 27 2011

The young brand Sultan was the foreign guest of Riga Fashion Week. A warm-welcomed premiere.

Sultan made it and finally shows! "It was amazing, says Jeremy Sultan, founder of the brand. We were invited because journalists of Russian Officiel, who discovered us in Paris, had loved our work. The rest happened out there and it made impression too."

Loyal to its kind of rural poetry and village France - between Marcel Pagnol, Jacques Becker, Jean Renoir and Julien Dulivier - and to its passion for the Golden Age of Hollywood, Sultan presented a joyful, colorful winter inspired by the French countryside of the end of the 19th century. The chosen fabrics are those used for the thick, soft blankets we like to curl up in in front of the fireplace, and those the rustic checkered tableclothes are made out of. The colors are slightly burned by flames.

Sultan was born of the idea of second-hand clothes to make a simple cut, loose-fitting collection, made out of natural materials and traditional died. A know-how that goes right in the middle of the "Heritage" trend. Sounds nostalgic...