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FRANCE / Paris: Launch of the Maison du Savoir-Faire et de la Création

May 02 2011


The ambition: Bring together all actors of the clothing industry

On May the 3rd, 2011, the French Federation of Womenswear and the French Union of Clothing Industries, with support from Defi, is going to inaugurate the Maison du Savoir-Faire et de la Création, rue Caumartin in Paris.

Whether looking for a particular manufacturing technique, a new stitch, a specific lace, everyone can come, see and touch the work of fashion contrators and be surprised.

La Maison du Savoir-Faire et de la Création is also a meeting, sharing place, where French Fashion contrators and international designers and ordering parties can work together.

According to Jean-Pierre Mocho, president of the French Ready-to-wear Federation, "the Fashion contractors get increasingly involved in the whole technical process, often as soon as the model-making, which gives them a greater status in the products development."

Besides, as a conséquence of the Financial crisis, the change in the relationship between fashion contractors and ordering parties leads to a need for more communication and sharing.

Focused on creation, the 200 square meter-space is a hub of knowledge and techniques in which the international markets’ actors will find the answers to their questions.

Opening Tuesday, May 3, 2011 with a glass of champagne, at 18:30.
Maison du Savoir-Faire et de la Création
5 rue de Caumartin 75009 Paris.
Constance Dubois

Maison du Savoir-Faire et de la Création
5, rue de Caumartin
75009 Paris
Tel : +33 (0)1 44 94 70 27
Contact :
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