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FRANCE / Marseille: Maison de la Création

May 03 2011

Work Shop

From May to November 2011, 8 young designers, all coming from Mediterranean countries, will take part to the second edition of the Maison de la Création.

Chosen according to their creativity, above all, but also for their willing and ability to develop on the market, the candidates, all coming from Mediterranean countries, have at least three years of experience behind them as designers. The jury, the members of which are all related to the Maison de la Création, will also lead the 'students' during this inensive training.

For one week a month, the young designers will have the privilege to gather in small groups for workshops supervised by the most influential people of the luxury, ready-to-wear, communication and financial sectors. Supported by private (CHANEL) and public sponsors (local government, French Ministry of Culture and Communication), these workshops' purpose is to give these budding designers all necessary tools for developing their brands by tackling diverse themes, from design to finance, communication or production.

Of course, these very special circumstances mean for the young artists a golden chance to make useful contacts and have a network...

Designers :
Juanjo Oliva (Spain), Ifrach Artsi (Marocco), Lara Khoury (Lebanon), Mariem Besbes (Tunisie), Evgenia Tabakova and Pedro Noronha-Feio (Portugal), Alla Eizenberg pour (Israel), Marion Vidal (France), and Aida Pekin (Turkey).

Involved people :
Jean-Brice Garella, Président de la Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode – MMMM, Maryline Bellieud Vigouroux, Conseiller extérieur et mécénat auprès du Président de la MMMM; Françoise Montenay, Présidente du Conseil de Surveillance de Chanel S.A.S et Présidente du Comité Colbert; Jocelyne Imbert, Designer et chef de projet d’accessoires de luxe et Jean-Jacques Picart, Consul¬tant Mode et Luxe.

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