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FRANCE / Paris: New acquisitions of Centre National des Arts Plastiques.

June 28 2011


Members of Commission d’Acquisitions des Arts Décoratifs, Métiers d’Art et Création Industrielle 2010-2012 have chosen to enlarge the collections buying 200,000 Euros of items.

The Centre National des Arts Plastiques is an organisation from the Minister of Culture and Communication responsible for the maintenance and management of the contemporary art and for the acquisition of artworks on behalf of the State.

Last month, the collection was enriched with 39 new furniture pieces from french and international designers, including a Clay furniture Plain table from Maarten Baas and the Lovers’ Chair from Nacho Carbonell.

The CNAP has also made the choice to acquire ensembles of objects which correspond to specific typologies like a series of accessories conceived to accompany Apple products, the gamut of Festool tools and series of objects relevant to the arts of the table including Jaime Hayon’s Choemon Kutani Collection among others. Finally the graphic design fund was enriched with numerous posters notably thanks to the gift of all the posters from the Fête de la Musique.

For more informations, please contact Annabelle FLORIANT.

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