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GERMANY / Berlin: Talking about eco-friendly fashion

October 04 2011

October 21 and 22, 2011, sees a new dimension of conference, which treats sustainable fashion, held at the prestigious Esmod fashion school.

The organisation Beyond Berlin, whose services include sales, consulting and communications, presents the fashion conference, Beyond Fashion Summit. The vision and aim is to endorse value-driven, eco-friendly design, production and marketing, leading to a new conception and reception of quality in fashion.

The conference creates a platform for discussion that focuses on fashion, which respects ethically correct production but remains “quirky, cool or comfortable”. It is about new design approaches and the bond between ethics and aesthetics. Talks from industry professionals are to demonstrate how sustainable products can be made marketable and how conventional, pre-existing products can survive on the market while converting towards ethical production standards.

International pioneers in the fields of fashion and sustainability are invited to engage in discussions on such subjects as the beauty of fair production, changes in the industry, the impact of new laser washing techniques and the efforts of a mainstream company converting into a certified model brand. The two-day event will host conferences and talks in innovative settings, with its re-creation lounge and DIY program, presenting a place for an exchange of ideas and knowledge among designers, retailers, economists and fore-runners of this new green movement.

Beyond Fashion Summit
From October 21 to 22, 2011
Esmod Berlin
Görlitzer Straße 51
10997 Berlin

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