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DENMARK / Copenhagen: New fashion trade fair concept

October 26 2011

FutureCPH Vision and Terminal-2 trade fairs will be merged in one location from August 2012.

CPH Vision and Terminal-2 are slowly realising their vision of continuous development and renewal. Their aim is to meet exhibitor and visitor requirements for a more accessible exhibition platform in Copenhagen, and this demands change.

The locomotive building with its high ceilings, rugged look and industrial style is unique in the world, which will provide the perfect backdrop for a fashion city in the city. Not only will an extended trade fair take place in these surroundings, but it will also be the location for catwalk shows, exhibitions, showrooms, parties and events. The idea is to create the perfect atmosphere in these historical, yet innovative surroundings, where established and up-and-coming fashion designers, lifestyle, art, music and retailers from stores worldwide will come together.

“This future expansion and amalgamation of the two existing fairs CPH Vision and Terminal-2 give new potential to the creation of an inventive and flourishing Scandinavian business platform. This new concept will accommodate both exhibitor and visitor requirements and result in a sharper segmentation, more traffic and a relaxed exhibition environment. All in all, an ideal Nordic trade fair platform attracting international buyers, which will ensure that Copenhagen stays the preferred fashion week in Scandinavia,” says Peter Fenger Selchau, CEO, CPH Vision and Terminal-2.

Exhibition 2-4 February 2012
CPH Vision at Oeksnehallen, Halmtorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen V.
Terminal-2 at the Locomotive Building, Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 Copenhagen.

New fashion trade fair concept
August 2012

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