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FRANCE-USA / Paris-New York: Man, new tradeshow

November 08 2011


"Quality not quantity" for this new men’s show starting January 2012.

MAN is created by Antoine Floch (former Surface to Air / Rendez-Vous) with the help of Romain Bernardie-James and Olivier Migda from the creative agency The Imaginers in Paris.

The goal of MAN is to showcase brands and collections who all have their own and strong identities during men’s fashion weeks in Paris and men’s market weeks in New York.

"MAN makes sure that brands and designers meet the right buyers and press for the development of their business. MAN wants to offer buyers a complete understanding of what is men’s contemporary fashion" says Antoine Floch.

MAN New York City
January 16th-18th 2012
775 Washington street New York NY 10014
MAN Paris
January 21st-23rd 2012
5 bis rue Froissart 75003 Paris


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