FRANCE / Paris: New shop Acne
by Modem – Posted December 13 2011
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Shop opening

3 rue Froissart, 150 m2 dedicated to women, men, accessories & shoes' collections.

ACNE’s second Parisian Store at 3 Rue Froissart combines raw industrial rough industrial walls of this former garage form the backdrop to a new, clean and contemporary space. Natural coloured carpets contrast rough concrete walls. Set-like partitions are made from aluminum, hard on the outside but soft on the inside. The ceilings are dark blood red, punctuated by LED lighting. The walls morph into long benches, becoming display areas as well as seating. Shoppers are greeted at the entrance by golden yellow glass and the silhouette of a marble sculpture by English artist Daniel Silver.

Let’s just say it’s not French. I absolutely love Paris, but I had to do something Swedish. Especially the colour, it’s very non-Parisian. It used to be a garage (hopefully you won’t recognize it) and when I passed this garage I was really excited about this sexy sweat shop, but I couldn’t help myself – I had to make it Swedish”, Jonny Johansson, artistic director.


Inauguration Wednesday 13th December 2011

Acne Studios
3 rue Froissart
75003 Paris

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