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Worldwilde : Escale à Parati, Dior

May 10 2012


Modem Mag is anouncing the launch of the new eau de toilette.

Dior Escales are crisp, fresh fragrances signified by citrus top notes. For Escale à Parati,in agreement with the spirit of the Dior Escales, the perfumer selected Petitgrain from Paraguay, a distillation of branches and leaves from the bitter orange tree.

A cluster of spicy notes add a touch of piquancy : sensual, warm Cinnamon and the fresh spike of Pink peppercorns.

Mate from Brazil creates a vegetal roundness, while Gaïac Wood from Paraguay adds a balsamic overtone. The base note of Venezuelan Tonka Bean graces the fragrance with a milky almond signature.

Escale à Parati is delicately woody with a citrus crispness.

Rosewood from the Amazon is stunningly fresh, wonder-fully in tune with the spirit of Dior Escales. For François Demachy,
this ingredient from Brazil has "a complex note".

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