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Oscar Carvallo

September 25 2012

What is your definition of elegance?
O.C.: Femminine elegance is simplicity, is a matter of taste and attitude, is not what you wear is how you wear it.

How would you your define your style?
O.C.: Futuristic and avant-gardiste. I am always looking after une real feminity thrue the body to reach the most important÷ Elegance, je cherche toujours montre une vrai féminité, à travers le corps pour atteindre le plus important... l'élégance.

What are your artistic references?
O.C.: Through the years I have been inspired by the work of Dr. Ernst Haeckel, biologist. Also I have been inspired by Latin America, the culture, the tradition, and specially for the tropical nature.

What is the thema of the SS13 collection?
O.C.: It is the tropical nature ,specially flowers, see in an optic different way, like the impresionist painter Monet. Flowers becomes objects of desire. The main fabric is silk, from the lightest to a heavy silk; from silk tull to silk gazar. Prints in flowers, flowers aplications, embroidery as flowers. The colors are, grey , gold and rose. The forms are easy cuts to wear for summer, when is hot, simply and chic.

Range of prices?
O.C.: The prices goes from 450 euros to 3200 euros

What is your distribution policy?
O.C.: For Haute Couture, we have an atelier sur messure at Paris, Miami and Caracas. Distribution is on PAP.

Something else?
O.C.: Real beauty is pure nature.

Propos recueillis par Florence Julienne