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Worldwilde: On/Off Digital Fashion Shows NEW !

September 26 2012

Fashion Week

For SS13 On|Off brings a new brand initiative, filming three catwalk shows and released 1x online show within the NY and Paris schedules (Lea Peckre 25th September and Daniel Palillo 27th September).

Currently new technology is advancing at super speed, and just when "the fashion industry at large" gets to grips with its use, a new development comes along. On|Off has accepted the challenge exploring new ways of thinking towards an even broader global experience, allowing the barriers between the major fashion capitals to be bridged.

Before each Virtual Catwalk there is 24 hour countdown to be followed on facebook and twitter.

Lea peckre show online
Daniel Palillo show online

"On|Off is asking fashionistas around the globe which trends are turning them on, and also OFF - what you hate and what you love On|Off wants to know - #whatson and #whatsoff.