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CANADA / Montreal: New Boffi Montreal Studio opening

November 01 2012

The new Boffi Studio Montreal showroom is opening its doors and is excited to share its kitchen, bath and wardrobe system with the interior designers, architects, planners, and design-savvy homeowners of the city.

The showroom is located in the notable Villeray district, an archetype of a true Montreal locale, where commercial buildings share the same expanse of real estate as residential homes. As a result there is a continual fusion of the diverse cultural and social institutions in the area. This merging of achitectonic languages has created an atmosphere of opennes and innovation, through an inspiring continual progression and developmenti in all fields, most notably a "design gentrification" that is being seen throught the different design offices and showrooms who are establishing themselves in this emerging design milieu.

The Boffi showroom is situated in a converted warehouse, where it has maintained its industrial feel through the preservation of existing cement floors, exposed ceiling, coarse beams, and an open floor plan. While decisively paying homage to its manufacturing roots, the designers and owners of the showroom also strived to infuse a contemporary and fresh feel to the newly renovated building. This has been accomplished by inserting floor to ceiling windows throughout the entire area, as well as introducing contemporary light flixtures, allowing both the customer in the studio and the exterior passerby best conditions in which to view the Boffi product line. Due to its open layout the new Boffi Studio Montreal showroom offers its visitors an informal yet engaging browsing experience, by allowing the customer to move freely throughout the space and fully appreciate the Boffi product line.