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CHINA / Hong-Kong: Detour and Business Of Design Week

December 01 2012

Business Of Design Week is a major design event in Asia, that gathers several world design masters in a “leading conference dedicated to design, innovations and brands”.

BODW includes two main programs: the Forum from the 3rd to the 8th of December and DETOUR exhibition which will take place in the former Wan Chai Police Station of Hong Kong.
Organized by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design (HKAoD), Detour features an annual programme of events and exhibitions, and un unprecedented lineup of creative concepts that stimulates conversation and inspires design projects, aimed at showcasing Hong Kong as a regional creative hub and featuring inspiring designs from Hong Kong's young and emerging creative talent.

Inside Detour, Makers’ Fair, the large-scale platform for local and overseas-based creative talent will present concepts and original products from designers to the public. From among the participating 'Makers' who showcase their products, one will be selected as winner of the Spot Design award. Also both design by Hour25 Collective allows for diverse and flexible usage. It encourages participating craftsmen, artists, and designers from various disciplines to build their own booth in accordance with their needs.