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SWEDEN / Stockholm: "Fashion EDIT-A-THON"

November 12 2013

Nordiska Museet, 12th November 2013 from 8am to 4pm

Nordiska museet and the Centre of Fashion Studies at the University of Stockholm, partners of the Europeana Fashion project co-organize a fashion edit-a-thon together with Wikimedia Sverige and Europeana. The edit-a-thon is addressed to students, fashion bloggers or curators working with fashion or costumes. It is the second edit-a-thon at the museum and the fourth this year by the Europeana Fashion's partners.

The same week there will also be fashion edit-a-thons at Rossimoda Shoe museum in Italy and at the MINERVA conference in Israel at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. All participants in these events can take part in Europeana Fashion Challenge .