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FRANCE / Paris: In Conversation With... Giordano Lapegna of Tagliovivo

November 09 2015

Tagliovivo is a young Italian brand that produces handmade bags and totes that come with a timeless appeal. We sat down with Giordano Lapegna, the brand’s Creative Director, during the Spring/Summer 2016 shows in Paris and chatted about his label, his values and his unique approach to fashion accessories.

MODEM: Tell us more about your background and why you chose fashion design…
Tagliovovo: I started my career assisting my father in his work, which consisted in selling leathers to furniture and design brands in Italy and internationally. My mother was an interior designer, so I must say that the atmosphere at home has always been very creative. After a few years I realized that working as a commercial agent was not my cup of tea, and I started making leather products myself. I was and I am very fascinated by this fabric.... For my first project, I created a collection of bags made of recycled leather and sailing canvas. I carried on with this for three years, before changing direction completely and starting Tagliovivo.

Why did you eventually decide to start your own brand?
After my first experience with fashion design, I wanted to create something that truly represents myself. Therefore, in 2012, I began the entire research process that led to the launch of Tagliovivo’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection. It’s all about my personal taste and style: essential colors and unexpected details.

What is your main source of inspiration?
It is not easy for me to answer this question. I don’t have a particular source of inspiration. I love raw and rough materials, as well as design influences from the past. For example, during the first phase of my research I discovered some beautiful metal chains that used to be used to hang the pots in the fireplace towards the end of the 19th century…these chains inspired me a lot, so I used the chain motif as a decorative element for many models.

How would you describe your creative process, from the fabric selection to the final product?
Everything starts with the leather selection. Then, some items are molded around the leather piece itself, to enhance the fabric’s natural beauty. Another key element in my work is the iron that I use to make all the prototypes of the accessories — prototypes, which are then sent to a small workshop of skilled blacksmiths that help me with the production.

How important is Italian craftsmanship for you?
Tagliovivo: Craftsmanship is the soul of my entire project. Being based in Italy is something crucial to me, both for sourcing the best fabrics and for being constantly inspired. I live in Puglia, where I make all my products in an atelier that has a long family tradition in the production of bags and leather goods. I live far from the fashion network, but being here allows me to live close to the artisans and the craftsmanship that influences my work.

What are your plans for the future of your brand?
Tagliovivo: Next season, I will present a capsule collection of leather jackets. My ultimate goal is to launch a full menswear line next year. Looking further ahead, I’d love to extend the brand to a furniture line. That’s where I started and it’s a very interesting design sector.

Interview by Cecilia Musmeci © Modemonline
Photo by Tagliovivo