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In Conversation With…Junko Sakayori

November 25 2015

MODEM: What is the concept behind your ready-to-wear brand?
Junko Sakayori: My concept is to create real clothing and to make sure that they will lift your spirits when you wear them.

Tell us why you’ve decided to work in fashion.
I became a fashion designer because I’ve always enjoyed creativity as a whole. I enjoy each and every step of my work as a designer, from the fabric sourcing to the final result. I used to work as a pattern maker before starting my own, eponymous fashion brand.

Your collections are edgy and feature an art-flavored, unisex appeal. How would you describe your style?
I want my collections to be genderless, sizeless, and ageless. Beautiful items are not characterized by gender, but by the people who wear them.

How do your customers influence your take on fashion?
I am happy to see that my clients continue to wear my collections over the years. I’m always trying to create fashion that goes beyond trends and seasons, fashion that is timeless and accessible to all.

Looking back at your beginnings, what were the challenges that you had to face as an independent brand — are you still facing these challenges today?
My biggest challenge was to find the right design concept when I started my brand. I began to experiment with various styles and designs. Then, with time, I began to discover and to cultivate my own personal style, which is at the heart of my brand today.

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