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In Conversation With...Riccardo Goti

January 29 2016

At the latest edition of Pitti A Piedi Nudi nel Parco, the important multi-brand store in Florence known also as -PNP, dedicated a special evening to Goti. But this time the famous jewelry and accessories brand has presented a new adventure: Alchemico Goti, their new line of fragrances.
We decided to interview Riccardo Goti, founder and creative director of the brand which bears his name, to learn more about Alchemico Goti.

MODEM: Why did you choose to create a fragrance line?
Riccardo Goti: The scent is an integral part of our project since the first collection presented, which aims to be a set of many worlds, but, in a unique and unmistakable that are our creations, this project is the result of many years of experimentation and metamorphosis.

Can you tell us something more about the line of fragrances and in particular what has fascinated you most about this new project?
Riccardo Goti: Like all our projects it all starts with the manual side of it, with being craftsmen, so as in all the things we do we can not help but interact enthusiastically with the materials, be artisans say do not be afraid to put together metal with leather, with glass, or paper, essences and all that can have a process dictated by the most impossible ideas.

How did you choose the name? Why Alchemico Goti, that has a mysterious allure and refers to something scientific and historical?
Riccardo Goti: What's more intriguing than the alchemical vision of life itself, transmute, transform, understand and develop the material and above all the spiritualism and mysticism in trying to not be content with the logic, not ever abandon yourself to rationality. All can be evolved, everything can become a reality, wonderful philosophy.

Is there a new teaching that you have learned from this adventure in the scents’ world?
Riccardo Goti: If all the moments that life gives you are not useful to learn something or to understand something new, these moments will be lost, the passage of time can not exist without learning.

In which way these new adventure in perfumes interact with Goti’s path in the jewelry world?
Riccardo Goti: Nothing wants to make perfect sense or interact with what we have already done or what we will do in a future, from a logical point of view you must need and overall view and a commercial eye for everything, but we always start from passion and from the insanity to do what we like.

To what types of people are dedicated the perfumes? Who, do you think, will choose them?
Riccardo Goti:To all the fools like me.

Why did you choose to present Alchemico Goti in Florence and during the Pitti days?
Riccardo Goti: The Pitti, seen as people and souls that create it, has always loved me and human relations for us are worth a thousand spotlights.

Plans for the future?
Riccardo Goti: Ten, a hundred, a thousand, but I can not stop time. But we will find the way!

Stefano Guerrini ©modemonline