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Modem Men’s collections Fall-Winter 2017/18

January 09 2017

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For this edition, which is dedicated to the Men’s collections Fall-Winter 2017/18, Modem is giving “carte blanche” to EVA & ADELE for the exhibition « You re My Biggest Inspiration », presented until February 26 at the Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris, curator Julia Garimorth.

EVA & ADELE, self-proclaimed as The Hermaphrodit Twins in Art, are an iconically atypical pair of artists on the current art scene.

To create their EVA & ADELE works, the two artists draw on their own lives (“Art imitates Life”). They met in 1989 and have lived together ever since. In 2011, they married as a same-sex couple, a marriage possible only because EVA’s transsexuality had been officially recognised.

« Where ever we are is museum »
The artistic concept of EVA & ADELE consists of daily performative acts in which life and art mix. The two artists play on sexual difference – or lack of differentiation – using our society’s behavioural and dress codes. Always identically dressed, always surprising and ultra-feminine in their glitter makeup and yet with their heads shaven like men, they take their “EVA & ADELE” work to the widest public, as much in the selective world of art (at exhibition openings) as in the most mundane situations: at the supermarket, in the underground and on the street.

Their appearances, each one an “event within the event”, offer not radical chic but authentic performances in which every detail has been meticulously prepared and rehearsed

Eva & Adele : ‘You re My Biggest Inspiration’ until Feb 26th, 2017
Curator: Julia Garimorth
11 avenue du Président Wilson

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