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March 23 2017

After a break of 15 years dedicated to his video art TV channel souvenirs from earth, Marcus Kreiss has returned to drawing and painting.

During his exhibition at the opening of the Yvon Lambert collection, he presented his great series of apartment towers alongside the artist Donald Judd. It was a matter of questioning the viewer on consumerism and industrial aesthetics, while parodying minimal art.

Sometimes it's good to come back to the source, to his first passions.

These juvenile desires are embodied by an army of fierce amazons, rendered with the raw and enjoyable style of a big kid.

Marcus Kreiss enlisted these uninhibited pornstars from the lost paradise of the '70s.
Their duty is simple: attack our smooth, sterile world as its official contemporary art with panache.

The first part of the exhibition, entitled ‘summer never ends’ evokes the crude and primary happiness of a little boy fascinated by sci-fi and fighter planes curves.

The exhibition is complemented by a retrospective of some fifty video works produced by the artist between 1997 and 2017.

March 22 - April 14
25 rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris
Exhibition open every day from 12pm to 8pm

Vernissage March 24 at 6pm