In conversation with Karen Radley - Founder and Managing Director of Scoop International.
by Modem – Posted May 09 2017
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The next edition of Scoop is scheduled to run from the 16th to 18th of July at the Saatchi Gallery in London, featuring a line-up of new emerging labels providing a premium platform for leading buying teams.

Modem chatted with Madame Karen Radley to find out more about the organizations, objectives and special projects of the exhibition.

What inspired you to launch The Scoop Trade show?

I launched Scoop in February 2011, but I had the idea in my mind for years. Whilst working with some leading designers’ collections I used to travel to Italy with major department store buyers and during one of these trips I mentioned my idea for a contemporary designers trade show. However, whenever I met the buyer she asked me about my project, so some 6 years later, in mid-December 2010, I had the opportunity to launch the first edition of Scoop and within 8 weeks the show opened with 50 designers. Fast forward to 2017 we now boast some 250 contemporary designers’ collections - quite a journey. Scoop provides a platform for buyers, press, opinion formers and trend agencies the ability to view UK & International designers’ contemporary collections under one roof over 3 days.

Scoop is scheduled to run from the 16th - 18th of July at the Saatchi Gallery in London. The choice of a prestigious location has a great impact on the visitors and participating brands. How will the trade show be organized?

The Saatchi Gallery in the heart of Chelsea is a wonderful opportunity to exhibit contemporary designer collections against the backdrop of a contemporary artistic venue. Scoop prides itself on developing a wonderful atmosphere where serious orders are written in a creative curated setting. Every season the exhibition at the gallery changes and so does Scoop, always refreshed with an element of surprise.

A trade show dedicated to the international contemporary scene, presenting an exclusive line-up of niche designers. What criteria do the designers for the selection at Scoop need to meet to qualify for the contemporary show?

I believe that designers should present co-ordinated and fresh collections, well thought out, keenly priced and produced in ethical and high standard factories.

Scoops Trade show this year will exhibit new labels, showing their Spring/Summer 2018 collections. The current fashion panorama spotlights the young talented designers, with interesting projects to support their emerging creativity. What is the main objective of the trade show?

Scoop is about supporting contemporary designers both established and emerging. Thanks to my experience in a fashion world for many years, I try to mentor emerging designers well before the show to ensure they are well prepared.

Do you have any new or special projects developed for this edition?

Scoop will be working with a team of emerging London based designers, celebrating some of the Capital’s design talent. For this season we have partnered with the Department of International Trade to support British design and manufacturing.

Up-and-coming designers occupy a relevant position in the market today. Many companies are continually being born, full of hope and ambition. Some are short lived, while others try to survive. What important factors should one take into consideration to make an emerging brand successful?

Always understand your target customer, be true to yourself, learn and love your craft, pattern making, producing but above all you must think creatively and push the boundaries.

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