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JAPAN / Tokyo: Inside Ambiance 2018 SS Showroom

August 02 2017

The Ambiance Tradeshow was established in 1995 by Setsuko Araki who is well known in Japan and abroad as the ommunication manager of Yohji Yamamoto.
In 2000, Setsuko Araki started to work together with Mako Nakagame who today is the organizer of the Expo, working together they host the trade fair. Today, Mako Nakagame has taken over the organization.

The “Ambiance” Tradeshow presents high quality collections that show their own defined brand identity, targeted specifically towards the Japanese and global market these are their past brands that have been exhibited at the Ambiance tradeshow, gomme, anrealage, YANTOR, divka, ELZA WINKLER, Marithe+Francois Girbaud, The Finest Accessories, Vendula London, Culture Vintage Eureka, Peggy H.,[ep-anoui] by Eva Poleschinski, Orlane Herbin, Alina German, CHAN LUU and ANDREA CREWS .

The “Ambiance” Tradeshow is a professional platform for buyers and designers to trade in a comfortable atmosphere, introducing international brands as well as local brands. Fashion professionals can look forward to the event this year and as they are presenting pop-up shops in well-known department stores. Previously the Tradeshow has hosted the exhibition with sales agencies, including fashion business seminars for the designers and collaboration with Fashion Week in the past. The “Ambiance concept shop Blanc” pop-up shop and the “ELINA DOBELE Trunk Show” events were held at The Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO (AFWT).

The Tradeshow hosts about 1260 professionals each year, 87% are professional buyers. A variety of experienced buyers come from famous department stores; select stores, boutiques, shopping centres, online shopping stores and overseas businesses come to the trade show. The Ambiance Tradeshow supports brands by arranging meetings with buyers before and after the fair in order to grow and develop their businesses.

Ambiance 2018SS Showroom Exhibitors : ADDICT NOIR, Demikitte, divka, D'Moment , DOKOKA KITANO-HOU, EUNJUKOH, ilme, J WOO Designed By Jaewoo Kim, ko haction, Luce macchia, LumiHarmo, moi-même, Monteeth, Moon Lee , phenomena collection, Recouverture, SAKA, Sean Makes Cloth, SHIN OWADA, SUUWU, TAGE, Ventriloquist, yōsō and YOUSER.

Ambiance 2018SS Showroom
Date : 12-14 of September 2017
Venue : Shibuya Bunka Fashion Incubatiion, 11th Floor