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JAPAN / Tokyo: The First Edition of FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO

July 19 2017

The Fashion Prize of Tokyo (FPT), which aims to support Tokyo-based designers to grow in the international market, was launched by the Tokyo Metropolitan Governament and Japan Apparel Fashion Industry Council (JAFI) , Co-Sponsering with the Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO).

The FPT supports the brand one step further than the TOKYO FASHION AWARD project, which supports 6 winning Tokyo-based brands to promote their design and creativity on an international level. The winner will be awarded with 2 seasons of fashion shows at the Paris Fashion Week, in addition to receving full support from the FPT. The winner will be announced on the 21st of October during the Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO SS18.

Furthermore, presenting its concept, the symbol mark comes from a T of Tokyo with Onein Chinese characters and Onein Roman numerals with the straight line and the black color. It represents strength, superiority, modern-ness, authority and confidence to depict that the winner is the one and only.

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