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ITALY / Milan: LĀU winner of the Ramponi Award, Montegallo of the Inside White Award

March 01 2018

Lisa Anderlini, with her brand LĀU, is the winner of the ninth edition of the contest launched by Alfredo Ramponi, during White February edition.

Born with the aim of making the most of and promoting the new names of creativity, the Award has grown under the aegis of authoritative personalities like Mario Boselli, and now it keeps empowering designers in the critical stages of the tradeshow and of the sales campaign.

«We are now celebrating our ninth edition and thanks to everyone’s collaboration, we are developing a bright and rewarding path. Ramponi Award is part of a farther-reaching project, aiming to create a permanent support network enabling designers to grow and starting a new dialogue on the product culture», said Alfredo Ramponi.

LĀU, born in 2011, fully mirrors the eclectic creativity of the designer. A special interest for geometry and a passion for serigraphy, plus her exceptional ability to synthesize, which gives way to her Lisa’s creative project, well-thought-out cuts, resulting from an in-depth creative process which turns her pure ideas into items to be worn. A clear and constantly evolving imagery that produces an essential connection between the clothing items and those who wear them.

The INSIDE Award goes to Alice Catena, Montegallo’s designer.

INSIDE WHITE, inside Superstudio Più Tortona27, is a special exhibition area of the trade show, designed specifically for upcoming brands and start-ups, both Italian and not.

Alice Catena, rediscovers the traditions and bring back to life the ancient craftsmanship of the Marches applied to woven straw and hand-sewn hats. Harmonious and customizable, Montegallo hats are declined in three different collections, the Icon Collection, the Winter Straw Collection and the Light Felt Collection. To select and reward the brand was the top buyer Daniela Kraler, owner of Franz Kraler stores in Dobbiaco and Cortina d'Ampezzo.