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UBOOKER: a new way to book professional models worldwide

April 24 2018

UBOOKER is an online booking platform and service founded by models Claudia Wagner and Diana Gaertner.

Using their deep experience in the modeling, fashion, and technology industries, UBOOKER’s founders designed a solution that taps into the sharing economy, but with the security and service needed for the fashion industry’s unique and changing culture.

UBOOKER is a community that fully vets all models and clients against rigorous standards to ensure high-quality bookings. The platform also allows clients to search and contact models only for specific jobs, eliminating unnecessary back and forth and unwanted introductions.
UBOOKER software, combined with low infrastructure’s costs allows to provide the same high-quality models and service for only 10% fees for clients, and 10% commission for models.
Clients experience incremental savings on travel by being able to search models near them, while models ultimately earn more by gaining exposure and being able to personally decide what rate and jobs they will take.

The team is composed by:

DIANA GAERTNER Founder, Director
CLAUDIA WAGNER Founder, Director

Investors and advisors:

-Red Circle Investments, the Investment Company of Mr Renzo Rosso family
-Stefano Martinetto, controlling shareholder and CEO of Tomorrow London Holdings Ltd
-Peter Foyo, President and Shareholder of Principal Standard Group
-Naty Chabanenko, Top Model

“Many people might be used to using a phone to order a meal or book a reservation, but a new service is bringing that same thinking to the modeling industry.” ABC7NY by Sandy Kenyon

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