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June 30 2018

Founded in january 2015 by the Premium Group, the vocation of the conference #FashiontechBerlin, is to connects fashion with the tech, creative and start-up industries, covering all aspects of digital transformation, innovation and disruptive technologies.

Twice a year, during the Berlin Fashion Weeks of January and July, fashion industry insiders, communications experts, designers, start-ups ... gather to discuss developments, potentials and new approaches as well as generate new business and foster the exchanges.

In January 2018 the Premium Group brought Messe Frankfurt on board. A complementary partner because while #fashiontech focuses on digital marketing & communication, e-commerce & retail tech, Messe Frankfurt covers the topics tech textiles and sustainability.

The continued development of #fashiontech (the last edition of the conference drew in 4,200 attendees) has transformed Berlin to a content hub for technology, digitalisation, sustainability, innovation and communication. An opportunity to share skills, discover new products and integrate new concepts. But also to meet potential business partners and generate new contacts.

On 4 July, this eighth Premium Group’s conference format will be headed up by Michael Stracke for the first time. As Head of Business Development at Beecom AG, the Canadian by birth recently greatly promoted the World Web Forum in Zurich, one of the leading business conferences in Europe for digital transformation and leadership.

- Who gives you the best feedback on the event?
Michael Stracke : ''That comes from fashion businesses, retailers and also communication professionals... All have a considerable thirst for information on digital transformation. You only have to think of Amazon Go, where analogue shopping is already entirely based on digital transactions. E-commerce with WeChat is another fantastic example. We want to remove the fear of these types of developments and give the industry the tools with which it can successfully overcome the challenges of digitalisation''.