Shanghai Fashion Week SS19
by Modem – Posted October 14 2018
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The theme for SS2019 Shanghai Fashion Week is“ personality declaration”. The accelerators of the times are constantly roaring. Nowadays, people are given unprecedented energy and opportunities. The demand for self-expression and the trend of individuality and reality are just like catalysts, causing unprecedented fission in the fashion industry. The beat of the times has never been so fast, inspiring people to make breakthrough in changes. Being trapped in the comfort zone will undoubtedly be defeated by changeable demands. Personality is the strongest driving force.

Above all, it will promote this season’s fashion week to a new historic high with a series of high-level forum that inspired the world. Second Edition of The Business of Fashion China Summit will bring together fashion industry pioneers and bold business leaders who have local, regional and global perspectives, to creates a unique atmosphere where speakers and spectators alike can watch the barriers come down between experts across the fashion value chain and adjacent industries. Can Fashion be Sustainable is an open forum continuing to talk about the topic of sustainability in fashion industry. Speakers from China fashion brands, non-profit organization promoting sustainability and international organizations such as Global Fashion Agenda will join together to the event.

About Shanghai International Fashion Center (SIFC)
Shanghai International Fashion Center (SIFC) is a standing non-profit organization authorized by Shanghai Municipal Government which aims to promote fashion industry of China. At the meantime, SIFC also operates as Shanghai Fashion Week Committee office and Shanghai Fashion Designers Association to organize, administrate and operate Shanghai Fashion Week. SIFC also organizes MODE Shanghai Fashion Tradeshow, Design by Shanghai Chinese Designer Overseas Program and Shanghai International Fashion Festival, gathering fashion corporations, independent designers, and related associations and organizations with the most influence and market value. SIFC aims to establish the very best fashion showcase and trade platform combining Chinese fashion and oriental culture.