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GERMANY / Berlin: Panorama Expedition

October 18 2018

Panorama Berlin, which will take place from January 15 to 17 2019, will present a completely revised concept, under the motto “Panorama Expedition” in an Arctic inspired setting.

“We see ourseves as drivers of innovation and as a window onto new trends” says Jörg Wichmann, the CEO of Panorama Berlin.

“Using a solutions-oriented approach, we focus on exciting topics. Our goal is to be more forward-thinking and to set new impulses. Traditional trade show concepts are losing their appeal, we’re dealing with an audience that needs trade shows but doesn’t love them anymore. The future brings challenges which will clearly change the industry; this is why we need new approaches and new concepts”.

The shift will be apparent in all 7 halls that are being re-conceptualized. The aim is to present relevant brands and straightforward messages. With clearer brand presentations, trend capsules and limited editions that can only be found in Berlin, fashion will be showcased in a lifestyle context. Brands will be re-arranged. There will be a platform for brands that are focused on building an identity, so they get more visibility.

Jörg Wichmann: “We are looking at things from the customer’s point of view and incorporating the new trends into the design. Things have changed from the way they were a few years ago. Today, events and entertainment have a completely different status in the fashion community. Consumers are interested in emotions, in experiences when they go shopping.”

Panorama Berlin plans to intensely incorporate this development into its nex edition: Entertainment, infotainment and matchmaking/community are the three pillars that form Panorama Berlin’s new core.